Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions.

How can I buy a number plate?

The cheapest option is to purchase a number plate online through our search at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can email us at to discuss your requirements.

Upon payment of a plate via credit or debit card you will receive a DVLA Certificate with details of your registration number in approximately 7 working days accompanied by a letter from Plate Finder with all the information you require to transfer the number plate to your vehicle.

Do I have to transfer my number plate straight away?

Nope, you don’t have to transfer your number plate straight away, this can be done any time in the future. Our certificates are valid for up to 10 years before the mark must be assigned making them ideal gifts for friends and family. If not assigned within this time, it’s usually possible to extend this period free of charge.

I already have a private number plate assigned to my vehicle, can I keep it?

Yes. Plate Finder can assist you in transferring your current registration onto retention whilst assigning your new personalised plate. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to handle this yourself you will need to complete the V317 form, which can be found here.

What happens to my existing number plate?

Once your new number plate has been assigned, the previous registration mark becomes no longer associated with your vehicle, and will go back to the DVLA. If you wish to keep your old number plate when you sell the vehicle at a later date you’ll need to apply to the DVLA. Plate Finder can assist you with this or if you would like to handle this yourself you will need to download a copy of the V317 application and submit it to the DVLA along with appropriate fees and documents.

What documents do I need to complete the transfer process

Plate Finder requires you to provide us with the V5C (Log Book) of your vehicle in order to handle the transfer of your personalised plate. This will be outlined in an email from Plate Finder within 24 hours of you purchasing a plate. Note: your vehicle must have a valid MOT and tax at the point of assignment.

Can I buy a number plate as a gift?

Yes, the only information we require is the name of the person the vehicle is registered to. Note: the name stated when ordering must be identical to the name of the registered keeper of the vehicle on the V5C document.

How long does the process take in total

Plate Finder are committed to ensuring you get your personalised plate transferred to your vehicle as quickly as possible. Generally, the process takes around two weeks, but can be longer in certain circumstances. Plate Finder will keep you informed every step of the way so if there are any hold-ups you will be the first to know. Immediately after you purchase a new plate, Plate Finder will start the necessary steps for the ownership transfer to get your plate on your vehicle.

Do I need a car to buy a number plate?

No, you are not required to be the registered keeper of a vehicle in order to purchase a number plate. We at Plate Finder are able to provide the registration mark on two different DVLA documents; DVLA certificate of entitlement form (V750) or certificate of retention form (V778).

Will I need to inform my insurers of my new plate?

Yes, you will need to inform your insurers in writing that ‘In the event of a total loss claim the registration mark will remain your property’. This is where insurance effectively buy your vehicle from you. We recommend you request them to acknowledge this request in writing and this is usually all done free of charge.

Can I use any private number plate on my vehicle?

As long as your new registration mark does not suggest that the vehicle is newer than it’s actual manufacturing year you can assign any private registration mark to your vehicle. For example if you have a vehicle with registration CP04, you would not be able to purchase any registrations such as CP54, DO60 etc. If you have any questions regarding the above and require further clarification either email us at