Buying Terms & Conditions

By purchasing a registration from Plate Finder Limited, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

The service provided by Plate Finder Limited begins when a registration is reserved on behalf of a customer. As this service is personalised to the customer, there is no cooling off period and the transaction cannot be reversed or cancelled, as per the Consumer Contracts Regulations. No refund will be offered in any circumstances.

All registrations are sold subject to availability and Plate Finder Limited cannot be held responsible if a registration becomes unavailable for any reason. In the event of a registration becoming unavailable the customer will be refunded in full. The customer will only be refunded the amount paid, and claims for damages, expenses or interest will be rejected.

In the event of a registration being purchased at an incorrect price, the sale of the registration will not proceed and the customer will receive a refund of the amount paid. Any claims for damages, expenses or interest will be rejected.

Deposits paid on registrations are non-refundable unless the transfer cannot proceed due to any reason where the customer is not at fault. If a deposit is taken on a registration, the final balance must be paid within 14 working unless stated otherwise by Plate Finder Limited. In the event that the final balance remains unpaid after this time, we reserve the right to place the registration back on sale.

If a deposit is made on a registration, any subsequent payments made by credit card or PayPal will incur payment processing fees. These fees are set by our payment processor and may be up to 4%. Payments made via debit card are not subject to payment processing fees.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that accurate details are provided on both our online checkout and over the phone. Plate Finder reserves the right to charge the customer an admin fee up to £50.00 if incorrect details are provided.

If the registered keeper/nominee name provided when purchasing a registration needs to be changed, a fee of £50.00 will apply.

Registrations provided to the customer on a retention certificate need to be transferred to a vehicle before the expiry date shown on the certificate. Plate Finder Limited accepts no responsibility if the retention certificate expires. In some cases the registration will need to be transferred directly to a vehicle instead of being supplied on a certificate. When possible, Plate Finder Limited can assist with extending a certificate for a fee of £60.00. This fee must be paid before the certificate expires.

The customer is required to send in documents when requested by Plate Finder Limited within 3 weeks in order for us to ensure the transfer is completed successfully. If valid documentation is not received within this period we reserve the right to place the registration on a retention certificate and recover any costs incurred from the customer.

Registrations must be spaced correctly and be displayed in accordance with the Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001.

A registration cannot be assigned to a vehicle if it makes the vehicle appear newer that it is. Plate Finder accepts no responsibility for the customer neglecting to ensure the purchased registration can be assigned to their vehicle. In the event that a registration cannot be assigned, no refunds or exchanges will be offered.

The purchased registration should not be displayed on the vehicle until you have received your V5C registration document and the transfer has been fully completed. Displaying a registration prior to the transfer being completed is illegal and Plate Finder Limited cannot be held liable for any subsequent issues arising.

We aim to complete most transfers within 7 working days, but this timeframe may vary and we cannot give any guarantees. In the event that the registration purchased by the customer is a registration we’re advertising on behalf of a private seller, it’s likely this transfer will take longer than usual.

We cannot be held responsible for any delays out of our control, including but not limited to delays by the postal service, the DVLA or any technical issues.

In the event of a refund being agreed by Plate Finder Limited for any of the reasons stated in the terms and conditions, the customers money will be refunded immediately. These funds can take up to 7 working days to reach your bank account depending on your original payment method. In the event of a refund, any claims for expenses, damages or interest will be rejected.