About Plate Finder

Plate Finder prides itself on providing customers with one of the most comprehensive database of personalised numbers in the UK. Our mission is to not only have one of the largest databases of plates, but to also offer the customer great value for money as indicated by our price promise.

Before commencing the build of Plate Finder, our highly qualified team spent a considerable amount of time analysing competitors to ascertain any issues and problems people may have when buying a number plate online. As a result of this analysis, we were able to build a rock-solid search and payment system which not only ensures the protection of your information, but also makes the process as easy and straightforward as possible, not to mention providing lightning-quick search results.

Our dedicated and friendly staff have a wealth of experience and are committed to giving the customer the best possible advice on their new plate. Whether a plate was bought a week ago, or three years ago, we will continue to provide after-sales support to all customers.

Our online search is optimised to ensure you get the most relevant results to your search terms, making it quicker and easier than ever to get your own personalised plate through our secure online payment system.